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We treat the underlying cause of your injury or pain.

Welcome to Lakewood Chiropractic | Chiropractor Lakewood WA

“We’re your local Lakewood Chiropractic Clinic”

Why we want to be your hometown chiropractor in Lakewood WA

Our region of Washington State is one of the most beautiful anywhere. No sense suffering from pains like neck pain, back pain or headaches. If you have limited mobility in your joints or if you are experiencing pain, you’re already past the body’s natural warning signs. Pain is your body’s last resort notification system so it’s time to act fast! Chiropractors Lakewood help the body heal pain naturally and you should be pain free! Get a treatment as unique as your trauma; we will design a chiropractic treatment plan that is specific to you and your bodies needs. You’ll be on the road to a healthy and pain free lifestyle soon. Our commitment to you is for you to enjoy the best chiropractic care available.

Not all Lakewood Chiropractors will help you get back on the road to enjoyment and health like us!

Acute Chiropractic uses chiropractic care to improve health and wellness in all areas of our patient’s lives, whether they were just in an accident or are having problems with low back pain or neck pain. We love to work with athletes and help better our patient’s lives as well.

Our mission at Acute Chiropractic is to help our patients on their way to a healthier, happier life. We feel that we can accomplish this mission in three ways. Firstly, we strive to give you the best Customer service possible. Whether you are from Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, or Parkland, we will do our best to help you heal in a positive and nurturing environment. Secondly, we partner with our patients to create healthier lives. We want to inspire our patients to take an active role in their health.Thirdly, we want to help our patients recover. Whether from an auto-accident, sports or work related injury, or other pain, we are here to help alleviate their pain and get them on the path towards wellness.

  • Sports Injuries 100% 100%
  • Auto Injuries 100% 100%
  • Other Pain Management 100% 100%

Chiropractic Services

We will empower you to live long, healthy and pain free lives.


Auto Injuries

We are an auto injury chiropractor. Come in today to regain your health and mobility.


Sports Injuries

Dr. Williams is board certified as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.


Pain Relief

We evaluate each patient to find out what their specific needs are and build a treatment plan based on your needs!

Common Questions

Acute Chiropractic can help you on the path to a pain free life.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you in your decision to use chiropractic care to alleviate you symptoms.  Please call us today if we can help answer any other questions you may have. We also accept all major credit cards.

Chiropractors who accept credit cards
What if I can’t afford the treatment?

This is the most frequently asked question and it is important to know that the at-fault insurance company is responsible for covering any medical/chiropractic bills. This includes all treatments and exams that are necessary to get you back to full health. If the car accident was your fault you still may be entitled to medical care at no cost to you. Every scenario is a little different and this is why we encourage you to come in and be evaluated so we can make sure you are healthy and pain free and to ensure you have all the information to make the best decision.

Why use Chiropractic care instead of conventional medicine?

Modern medicine is a very useful tool but most of the time these medications just mask the pain for a few hours but they do not help the body heal itself. Auto accidents are injuries that affect the soft tissues of the body and these medications do not help these tissues heal. You may feel better for a few hours after taking the medication but the underlying cause is still present. Chiropractic is here to treat these underlying causes and truly get rid of the pain for good.

Client Testimonials

Dr Alex Williams literally LOOKS like a chiropractor! it’s hilarious and amazing i don’t know how to explain it but he is SO nice! he made sure to ask often if we had questions, explained money thoroughly and without complication. my boyfriend and i had never been to a chiropractor before and the receptionist and the dr himself were both SO patient and sweet and we were in and out THAT day really quick. super recommended (:

KT Koenen

Dr. William’s and his practice, amazing, professional, he knows his stuff I like the fact that he sit down and teaches you what’s wrong with you what’s the cause how to fix it before he even touches you, this was my very first time seeing a Chiropractor, and i was a little bit Weary okay scared of my mind a little, like saying to myseld this is gonna hurt this is gonna cost a Fortune, all those issues were resolved, if you want someone who is cool down to earth. very professional and knows what he is doing… dr William’s is your doctor at acute clinic. And dont let me forget about sheila the lovely lady at the front desk … you can tell she loves her job or is l an amazing actress, cause form the moment, you walk in you are pretty much walking into a 2nd home … everyone is just great … if youre looking then stop and go here… it’s a no brainer…

Thurston Casey

Acute Chiropractic has done wonders for me over the last 6 months. They specialize in Car Accident patients but they are also great for a quick adjustment. If you’ve been in a car accident, the assessment takes a little longer so call ahead and ensure Dr. Alex Williams has a slot he can squeeze you into that day! Alex is great at assessing your pain points and making sure you’re corrected before you leave his office. If a massage needs to happen, he does his best to get you on his Massage Therapists books within the week. Discounts are available for Military spouse and soldier! Just show your ID. Walk-in and get adjusted on your lunch break, you wont regret it! Thank you for all you’ve done for me, I truly appreciate your office!
**Call ahead or look at their hours to ensure the office is open before walking in**

Mariann Winden

I called Dr. Alex after living in extreme pain for 8 months. He was able to get me in the same day for an exam, x-rays, and initial adjustment. I have been seeing him for a few weeks now and my pain is almost entirely gone! The facilities are immaculate, he is kind, and he takes the time to make sure the patient understands what causes the pain and how he is fixing it. I will recommend him to everyone!

Paalyn Hunt

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Accepting Patients!

Chiropractors are important doctors right now!


The CDC has listed chiropractors as “Essential Businesses”. Why?

Many acute aches and pains can be solved with chiropractic adjustments and treatments. This is essential to keep patients out of hospitals. Our clinic is safe and effective. Feel at ease, feel comfortable, and feel safe coming into our office. In your situation, come in, get safe treatment and return to safety. We have been practicing all the CDC’s guidelines before they even announced them.

Some of our core practices right now:


Important facts to remember about our Chiropractic office and your safety.

Each patient entering the office is subject to a temperature check. Anyone with signs of sickness or fever are not admitted for obvious safety reasons.

We also have sanitizing stations throughout the office and sanitizer is readily available to all at any time.

We’re keeping a safe and recommended separation of chairs, tables, and all equipment. Patients can always be comfortably separated from each other.

There is certainly lots of serious sanitize constantly going on! Rest assured we are taking every precaution to keep patients safe. We sanitize before and after each patient with alcohol.

Our doctors are even use breathing techniques to avoid breath contact as well as our doctors and staff sanitizing and washing obnoxiously often.

We have also modified our patient schedules to allow time between appointments and only have minimum patients in the office at a time. We are always keeping our spacious office to under 10 people inside at all times. You could certainly say we are practicing social distancing in all aspects!

You’ll also notice our high-quality essential oils in the air which many believe to have cleansing properties. What does all this mean? It means we’re prepared and ready for your visit. Get out of pain. Get your body feeling right and don’t suffer at home when our office is safe and ready to help.

Come enjoy in a safe and comfortable atmosphere today!

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.

Acute Chiropractic